CIX data centre doubles in size, quintuples in capacity

Jerry Sweeney, CIX
Jerry Sweeney, CIX

Hollyhill site largest outside Dublin



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11 October 2018 | 0

Cork Internet eXchange (CIX), the owner of Ireland’s only data centre outside the Dublin region, has officially opened a new data hall at Hollyhill in Cork. The hall is one of two new buildings, which is doubling the size of the privately operated data centre and bringing with it a 500% increase in connectivity capacity.

Speaking at the opening, CIX chief executive Jerry Sweeney said: “We have invested and innovated to provide the best connectivity combined with the highest standards of service for our clients. Today sees the expansion of our physical data centre as well as a massive increase in our connectivity capacity, which will provide some of the fastest connectivity in Ireland.

“We will be providing a 10Gb/s connection over GTT Express to the UK to link to LINX, thus ensuring that CIX has the lowest latency in Ireland to London, as well as our direct subsea connectivity to mainland Europe and the lowest latency to the USA in all of Europe.”

CIX also announced plans to increase its headcount at the Cork site by eight employees over the next three years, as well as opening an office in Toronto, Canada and expanding their current presence in Hyderbad, India.

“Cork Internet eXchange has quietly built an exceptional data centre to serve businesses allover Ireland,” said by it@cork Chair Caroline O’Driscoll.

“As the only data centre outside the greater Dublin area, CIX ensures that companies and organisations located in the regions have superior, resilient and secure connectivity for their businesses. Now as part of an aggressive 10-year business plan, CIX has doubled in size and quintupled their data capacity, and are set for international expansion also.”

As part of the expansion opening, CIX also announced that the data centre plans to be powered entirely by renewable energy by 2020. The company has signed a power purchase agreement with Organic Power International, which will operate a windfarm in Dunmanway that has received a grid connection and will be operational by March 2019.

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