Phone Pulse becomes first official Zoom Phone reseller in Europe

Move expected to revolutionise communication solutions in the Irish market

24 May 2023

In association with Phone Pulse

Phone Pulse, a leading unified communications (UC) provider, has recently achieved a significant milestone by becoming Zoom’s first official Zoom Phone reseller in Europe. This strategic partnership marks a significant step forward in expanding Zoom’s presence and accessibility in the Irish market, while also enhancing Phone Pulse’s portfolio of communication solutions.

With the ever-increasing demand for efficient and flexible communication tools, Zoom has emerged as a dominant player in the video conferencing and collaboration space. Recognising the need for a comprehensive communication suite, Zoom introduced Zoom Phone as an integrated cloud-based phone system, providing businesses with a unified platform for voice, video, and messaging communications.




Phone Pulse, renowned for its expertise in delivering cutting-edge UC solutions, has a strong foothold in the Irish market. Its commitment to innovation, exceptional customer service, and deep understanding of evolving communication needs have positioned the company as a trusted partner for organisations across various industries.

As a Zoom Phone reseller, Phone Pulse brings a wealth of experience and a vast network of clients, enabling them to introduce and promote Zoom’s powerful communication tools to businesses throughout Ireland. With their extensive knowledge of the market and their ability to provide tailored solutions, Phone Pulse is well-equipped to assist organisations in leveraging the full potential of Zoom Phone.

The collaboration between Zoom and Phone Pulse will result in several benefits for businesses in Ireland. Firstly, organisations will gain access to Zoom’s feature-rich phone system, including enterprise-grade calling capabilities, voicemail, call recording, and integration with other Zoom services. Additionally, businesses can enjoy the convenience of managing all their communication needs from a single platform, simplifying administration and improving productivity.

Phone Pulse’s role as a reseller will involve assisting organisations in selecting the most suitable Zoom Phone calling plans, implementing the system seamlessly, and providing ongoing support. Their team of experts will work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and design customised solutions that align with their communication goals.

This partnership between Phone Pulse and Zoom represents a significant development in the Irish communication landscape. By combining Zoom’s industry-leading technology with Phone Pulse’s expertise and local market knowledge, businesses in Ireland will have access to a powerful and reliable communication solution that can revolutionise the way they connect and collaborate.

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