Ireland’s AI Top Team to boost AI standards development

Team will take advice on current standards in IT professional competence, education and training and IT professional ethics from the ICS

16 July 2021

Future Jobs Ireland was launched in March 2019, outlining a medium-term plan for economic sustainability and job creation in a number of key sectors identified as critical for accelerating growth, investment and impact, GovTech, offshore renewables and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The principle of collaboration, consultation and leveraging expertise of professionals prompted the establishing of a so-called ‘Top Team’ in each sector.

The AI Top Team is led by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), and it brings together the perspectives of multi-national companies, SME’s, academia and government agencies, in the context of NSAI expertise and experience on a global stage in developing international standards in AI trustworthiness. This Top Team is a core component of the government’s National AI Strategy, and aims to increase Ireland’s international leadership in AI standards development, ensuring that the impact of AI is standards driven.

The Irish Computer Society is a strong player in European ICT standards, and is represented on the AI Top Team.  As the Irish professional body for IT, ICS promotes professionalism for its members, championing professional practice based on professional standards. Among the hallmarks of professional practice is having relevant, up-to-date skills and competence, in the context of an ethical frame of reference. The AI Top Team will take advice on current standards in IT professional competence, education and training and IT professional ethics from the ICS, and the work of the CEN Technical Committee on ICT Professionalism and Digital Competences (TC 428).

AI is one of the advanced technologies that are expected to substantially alter the business and social environment of Europe, and its power and potential need to be harnessed for good, but also managed and monitored from an inclusive, ethical, and unconscious bias point of view. The work of the CEN Technical Committee (428) in delivering standards in professional competence, assessment, and certification, as well as a European Professional Ethics Framework for the ICT Profession is making a valuable contribution to the NSAI led AI Top Team.

The AI Top Team will produce a report for the Department of the Taoiseach recommending actions for and approaches to the adoption of AI in Irish industry and society, supported and enhanced by standards.

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