TechBeat: Digital asset hosting in Ireland


17 October 2014

Among the respondents, nearly two thirds (62%) indicated that their organisation’s headquarters were in Ireland, followed by the UK (12%), the USA (11%) and Europe (excluding the UK) (11%). A broad range of industry sectors were represented in the results, but ICT (23%), financial services (14%) and business software and services (8%) dominated. Internet service providers (6%), engineering firms (6%) and education (4%) also featured. Business-to-business was the main focus of the respondents’ organisations (66%), with 15% consumer-focused.

The survey asked if respondents’ organisations hosted digital assets in Ireland and the vast majority (72%) indicated they did.

Who makes the decisions for your IT digital assess hosting policies?

Who makes the decisions for your IT digital assess hosting policies?

When asked how their organisation hosted digital assets, respondents gave a variety of responses, with almost half (46%) saying that they had their own data centre, just over a quarter saying a mix of on-site and off-site but within Ireland (27%), and nearly a quarter (24%) using off-site hosting within Ireland. The question allowed for multiple responses and a fifth (20%) indicated they use public cloud services, with Microsoft’s Windows Azure, Telecity, BT Ireland and Digital Planet among the service providers in use. Less than 2% of respondents were unsure of their hosting details.

“Ireland is no emerging market,” said Connolly. “It has already been claimed as home by countless companies and organisations seeking an affordable, reliable and effective geographic location for their investment — including 72% of survey respondents. Companies continue to invest in Ireland due to its impressive array of benefits relating to the five key factors of successful digital assets hosting: policy, people, pedigree, pipes and power.

Connolly added that “a neutral assessment by 451 Research resulted in Ireland scoring 32 out of 36 on its assessment methodology scorecard, ranking Ireland as a ‘highly attractive location’ for hosting and provisioning of digital content services”.

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