TechBeat: Digital asset hosting in Ireland


17 October 2014

Connolly said that as the digital asset hosting industry continues to grow, companies are seeking out new opportunities to achieve the most from their ventures through locations that can offer the most critical benefits, in an environment that fosters growth and community with maximum affordability. He quotes Barry Rhodes, CEO of INEX, the Internet neutral exchange, who said: “[Companies] come in with typically a small presence and quickly realise it’s [Ireland] a great place to do business, finding it very easy to recruit the right kind of personnel, finding the environment very easy to talk to politicians and regulators and they find a lot of cooperation … All of the businesses grow very, very quickly in this great environment.”

Connolly added: “For companies seeking a location to foster growth and expansion, Ireland provides the necessary tools to help take businesses to the next level.”

Do you agree with the statement from 451 Research regarding Ireland’s attributes as a destination for digital asset hosting?

The picture that emerges is of a general perception of Ireland as a good place to host digital assets, providing a safe, well regulated and supported environment that is capable of providing services that are competitive with any region in the world. It could be argued that there is yet work to be done to raise awareness of the policy advantages here, as Connolly points out, with the current administration taking a keen interest, as evidenced by the political and regulatory appointments.

Connolly is sure that the sponsor group can do what is necessary to further develop Ireland and improve perceptions of it as a primary site for digital asset hosting.

Host in Ireland was founded on the power of the collective, said Connolly, with support from partners such as EMC, Digital Realty, Telecity, Citadel 100, COMSYS, Dataplex, Hibernia Networks, Sea Fibre Networks, INEX, Interxion, Viatel and Zayo Group.

“With timely and accurate information regarding the state of the digital assets hosting industry in Ireland, companies have the ability to discern the best location to meet their companies’ unique needs,” Connolly said. “Motivated through the idea of collaboration, I founded this industry-led initiative to provide the necessary information to educate the general market through our collective of sponsors and support from Irish government entities on the benefits of Ireland.

“Ireland’s capabilities and technology far exceed current perceptions, enabling the business community and investors to realise their company’s growth potential through the opportunities available in Ireland.”

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