BT Ireland contact service for the ‘omni-channel generation’

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17 October 2014 | 0

BT Ireland has said that its new cloud contact centre solution will help organisations address changing customer expectations driven by digital communication channels from social media to web chat and video.

According to survey information released with the new offering, 95% of contact centres use some form of traditional on-site telephony and contact centre infrastructure, despite 43% seeing it as a financial drain and 46% frustrated at the difficulty of integrating new infrastructure.

The survey of 100 contact centre managers and directors found that 90% of contact centres are looking to make a change to their current set-up, driven by the need to roll-out new features, to better serve the omni-channel consumer, the requirement to stay up to date with compliance, and to save money. Nearly three quarters (72%) of organisations have expressed concerns around security when it comes to cloud contact centre adoption, while 69% using on-site or legacy contact centre infrastructure agree that a cloud-based solution could be very positive for their business, while 22% stated they were not sure of the role it could play. The majority (86%) of organisations that have adopted cloud-based contact centres believe it has made a positive or transformational impact on their business.

To address these concerns and the changing habits of customers, BT Cloud Contact is an ‘out of the box’ cloud-based contact centre solution, which is a single integrated platform for telephony and contact centre management providing a full range of functionality, enabling customer service to be delivered over multiple channels but connected together within the organisation to provide a seamless customer experience, regardless of channel used.

“Consumers increasingly want to use different channels to communicate and organisations must be more adaptable, flexible and agile to meet these expectations. Contact centre managers perceive it to be difficult and costly to integrate legacy on-site technology to do this, but moving a contact centre into the cloud means organisations don’t have to spend capital on costly hardware or rip out existing systems. It is simply an overlay over their current infrastructure and can grow as their business grows,” said Graham Fagan, head of Contact Centre and Multichannel Propositions, BT Ireland.

With the service, agents can manage multiple types of customer contacts from a single desktop, while ensuring each contact is recorded and tracked centrally. They can work from any location, meaning experts are available on demand regardless of where or how the customer enquiry is made. The technology allows organisations to flex capacity up or down in line with operational needs and is available as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ service.

There are also social media tools for agents using BT Cloud Contact, which allows cloud-based scanning and monitoring of social media networks, incorporating those into normal contact centre operations to help provide a full omni-channel experience. Relevant social media posts can then be presented to agents as a live feed which they can then choose to action.

The Cloud Contact service was developed in partnership with Magnetic North, a cloud provider, whose technology is already being provided to 136,000 ‘telephony and contact centre seats’ globally.

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