TechBeat: Digital asset hosting in Ireland


17 October 2014

Ireland is well known as a destination for multinational companies who wish to establish a European headquarters or service centre. For technology companies and beyond, research, customer service, administration and professional services are all common functions for Irish divisions or entities. However, digital asset hosting may not be quite so well known a function for Ireland, despite the impressive data centre footprint the country now boasts.

To get a better idea of who hosts digital assets in Ireland and why, TechPro, in association with industry group Host in Ireland, conducted a survey examining attitudes and practices in this area.

What type of digital assets does your organisation have?

What type of digital assets does your organisation have?

Host in Ireland is an industry-led initiative set up to promote the benefits of Ireland as an optimum location to host digital assets in the EMEA region. The initiative offers timely and accurate information relating to digital asset hosting, demonstrating why Ireland is a cost-effective, efficient, reliable, secure and accessible destination.

Digital assets are defined as any information or data that is transferred via public or private networks and stored within a data centre, colocation or any other cloud-based facility.

“When making the decision to expand globally and host digital assets in Europe,” said Garry Connolly, founder and president, Host in Ireland, “companies are currently faced with a wide variety of choices, creating a confusing landscape that is hard to navigate, as they attempt to decide on the most beneficial location to serve their organisation’s overall goals.”

As Host in Ireland aims to make the benefits of hosting in Ireland clearer, the survey conducted in September of this year among 124 Irish IT professionals, shows that there is a broad spectrum of digital assets being hosted in Ireland by a wide variety of organisations.

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