TechBeat: Digital asset hosting in Ireland


17 October 2014

He continued: “As companies continue to gain insight into Ireland’s offerings, this knowledge yields a better understanding of the ways in which Ireland can meet and exceed companies’ unique needs and expectations. With benefits on par with London, Amsterdam and Paris without the high price tag, Ireland has become an exceptional option for not only large companies, but also small and medium businesses alike,” he argued.

The types of assets being hosted provided few surprises with general data (87%), back-up data (83%) and email (79%) dominating, but primary data (69%) and web site hosting (69%) were neck and neck behind these in another multi-option question. More than half (52%) indicated financial data as one of hosted digital assets.

Does your organisation host digital assets in Ireland?

Decision making regarding the hosting of digital assets fell primarily to chief information officers (CIO), chief technology officers (CTO) or IT directors (56%), with just less than half (47%) indicating that it lay further up the chain with chief executive officers, presidents or managing directors. However, other roles that were significantly involved in decision making were IT manager (32%) and chief financial officer (CFO) (9%).

Commenting on the strong representation of top level roles in decision making about digital asset hosting, Connolly said: “It is clear that industry leaders and influencers are aware that Ireland has an impressive portfolio of offerings to make digital asset hosting a simple, affordable and lucrative investment, but do they know why?”

The survey asked those who said their organisation did not host digital assets in Ireland why this was the case. Half said that it was because responsibility for the decision lay elsewhere, while nearly a third (30%) said the preferred service provider did not have an Irish presence. Just over one in 10 (11%) indicated a regulatory reason for not hosting in Ireland, with even less (7%) saying that services available lacked the capability to meet needs.

This is an encouraging response, as it shows that very few organisations feel that Ireland’s digital hosting industry is unable to meet its needs, though it could be argued that even the 7% may in fact be partly due to misconceptions.

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