Host in Ireland initiative aims to bring digital assets to Ireland

Pictured from the left is Chris Borg, Hibernia Atlantic, Gary Keogh, Digital Realty Data Centre Solutions, Barry Rhodes, INEX, Tanya Duncan, Interxion, Garry Connolly, Host in Ireland, Prue Combellack, Geo, Shikar Sarkar, Hibernia, and Ben McGahon, Comsys (image: Host in Ireland)

9 June 2014

A new initiative aimed at promoting Ireland as an optimal location for hosting digital assets was launched at the Irish Consulate in New York in May.

The “Host in Ireland” initiative is based on a report from the 451 Research group entitled “IRELAND: A Highly Attractive Location for Hosting Digital Assets”.

The report focuses on a number of key areas, such as economic and political stability, tax and financial structures, energy, infrastructural competiveness, workforce and cloud computing and big data readiness.

“Ireland is rapidly becoming one of the most attractive European destinations for organisations that need to host digital assets to support their plans to service the EMEA region,” say the report. “The country’s location, its outstanding tax benefits, its international connectivity, its young and skilled workforce, and its ‘green island’ approach — as well as its pro-business political and legislative climate — collectively provide  enterprises with a relatively low-risk and cost-effective location to host their digital assets.”

The Host in Ireland initiative is sponsored by a number of major companies, such as Citadel100, Interxion, Dataplex, Viatel, Digital Realty, TelecityGroup, INEX, Geo_Networks, Hibernia Networks, CBRE/Norland and Comsys.

The report presents a number of key findings which all contribute to Ireland’s positon as a premier hosting destination for digital assets.

“Due to its temperate and windy climate,” the report finds, “Ireland provides the ability to significantly lower the costs associated with running a data centre. In addition, Ireland has also been aggressively exploring the use of renewable sources of power, which provide cleaner and less expensive power options.”

It goes on to say that among developed economies, the overall robustness of a country’s supporting ICT infrastructure is a critical consideration when choosing a destination for hosting digital content and services. Over the past 10 years, the Irish Government and telecommunications providers have invested heavily in communications infrastructure, the report states, linking the island to several destinations in Europe. There is also a broadening array of transatlantic connectivity options for overseas organisations considering Ireland as a European destination for their digital assets.

Data centre providers operating in Ireland, the report found, have suggested that the latency between Ireland and the UK is better than between Iceland and the UK, or even Scandinavia and the UK. Google, for one, the report asserts, appears to be taking advantage of these low-latency networks by hosting its Internet advertising services in Ireland.

“We are excited to introduce Host in Ireland as the industry authority on digital asset hosting in Ireland,” says Garry Connolly, president, Host in Ireland. “An established stronghold for Europe’s data communication assets, Ireland combines a reputation for quality services with optimal power, pipes, people, pedigree and policy – proving time and time again that it is the optimum setting for digital asset hosting. Host in Ireland serves as a conduit of information for companies to gain clarity on why Ireland is best for them to create a lasting digital footprint in this global market.”


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