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Changing workforce dynamics among most concerning threats to operational resilience

Interim TechBeat survey results point to negative effects of hybrid working models
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9 October 2023

Two thirds of IT professionals believe changing workforce dynamics are a serious cause for concern when it comes to operational resilience. The figure comes from the interim results of the current TechBeat survey in association with NTT Data.

The pace of technological change has so far been recognised as the top concern with some 80% of respondents.

“These figures taken together indicate an underlying scepticism of staff interest in operational resilience,” said editor Niall Kitson. “However these findings actually show a healthy approach as organisations struggle to give employees the tools they need and a safe working environment. Those ‘environments’ now constitute anything from an office desk to a kitchen table, which is added cause for concern. If endpoints no longer exist in controlled spaces then there’s a lot to be said for a ‘trust no one’ mindset.”




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