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29 March 2011 | 0

Warner Bros. is expanding its Facebook movie rental service in the US with five new films including Inception, the first two Harry Potter Movies, the romantic comedy Life as We Know It and Yogi Bear.

The new films should cost between 30 and 40 Facebook credits ($3-$4) each for 48-hour unlimited streaming access. The newer movies – Inception, Life As We Know It and Yogi Bear – appear to be priced 10 credits ($1) higher than older movies such as The Dark Knight, Warner Bros.’ first offering that debuted earlier this month, and the Harry Potter films.

How it works

To get started visit the Facebook pages for each movie (links above) and select the ‘Watch’ link in the navigation column on the left. On the next page click the “Watch Now” link embedded in the movie poster in the center column for each title. You will then be asked to agree to use the app for each movie requiring users to share your basic Facebook information with the app including name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other publically available information.




After agreeing to allow access to data, users arebe prompted to enter a ZIP (postal code) code and pay with Facebook credits to rent the movie. If you don’t have enough Facebook credits, you can buy more credits on this page by clicking the “buy more” link.

While watching the movie, users will have access to Facebook features such as commenting, chatting with friends and making status updates.

Better selection

The new movies on Facebook represent an improved selection compared to Warner Bros.’ debut release of the Dark Knight. The latest Batman film may be a popular movie, but it is also three years old and many were likely to have seen the film several times over. But Monday’s new titles include a mix of older and newer movies, some of which were only recently released on DVD.

It’s not clear if Warner Bros. plans on releasing a much larger catalog of movies for rental on Facebook or if the studio will only use the service for select titles. Either way, the service is still not as good a deal as a Netflix subscription, which costs as little as $8 per month and gives you unlimited streaming access to a large selection of titles.

For Irish users frustrated at the lack of a Netflix-style service, this could point to a novel solution for the country’s 1.75 million Facebook users.

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