Tech for a better planet: Huawei’s commitment to environmental protection

Jason Li, Huawei
Jason Li, Huawei

Achieving the vision of creating technology for a better world is needs strong partnerships



17 August 2020 | 0

In association with Huawei Technologies

Rapid development in ICT is leading us into an era of unprecedented prosperity and almost unlimited possibilities. As digital technologies like 5G and AI push boundaries and become more widespread, the ICT industry is shifting from a vertical industry to one that underpins society. This transformation has not come without its challenges: Soaring data traffic is straining networks and increasing the power consumption of ICT infrastructure. Cutting energy consumption and minimizing negative impacts on the environment without curtailing network performance is a major challenge for the industry.

As reducing CO2 emissions can help slow climate change, we pay attention to the carbon emissions at each stage of the lifecycle of our products. We use our technologies to address the increased power consumption of our high-performing equipment and to minimize our carbon footprint. We hold ourselves to high standards for greener operations and constantly look for opportunities to reduce carbon emissions. We are also carrying out green partner programs in which we work with our suppliers to reduce power consumption and emissions and build a greener ecosystem.




We believe that ICT plays a critical role in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as technology is vital for socioeconomic development, environmental protection, and the well-being of humanity. Huawei prioritises sustainability in its development strategy, using the SDGs as a basis for setting its goals and plans for sustainability. As well as implementing our own sustainability measures, we aim to proactively influence the entire industry to contribute to the SDGs.

When it comes to protecting the environment, we believe that actions speak louder than words. For several years, Huawei has collaborated with partners to build an industry ecosystem where everyone wins. In partnership with the ITU, we have jointly organized the ICT Energy Efficiency Forum, aiming to make networks greener. Energy executives from global leading operators as well as industry experts from consulting organizations Frost & Sullivan and DCDI shared their insights on topics including energy efficiency standards for green ICT networks.

As Ursula von der Leyen, President of the EU Commission, said when introducing the European Green Deal: “Our goal is to reconcile the economy with our planet, to reconcile the way we produce and the way we consume with our planet and to make it work for our people.” We at Huawei believe that technology can play an important role in this reconciliation as we continue to search for new ways to cut emissions, enhance energy efficiency and boost innovation to make the global economy more sustainable.

Promoting renewable energy

To promote the widespread use of renewable resources around the world, we are sparing no efforts to convert every joule of solar energy into PV electricity. By integrating information technology with PV systems, Huawei is committed to improving solar power generation and making it a major source of energy. We will continue to integrate smart PV with our full-stack, all-scenario AI portfolio and increase energy yields by more than 3% compared with traditional solutions.

Contributing to a circular economy

To use less raw materials and make the most of resources, we are taking steps at the very beginning – the design stage. These include using more eco-friendly materials, reducing the raw materials needed, making products more durable and easier to disassemble, and improving the product recycling system. Huawei maximizes material utilisation and minimizes resource consumption throughout the lifecycle of its products. This is how we promote the circular economy.

Environmental protection deeply ingrained in Huawei’s DNA

As a leading global provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices, Huawei is committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent world. Environmental protection is part of our bottom line for sustainable development and is closely related to the SDGs. Unsustainable practices continue to intensify pollution, use more energy, deplete resources faster, and increase extreme weather events. But global, sustainable development should not come at the expense of the natural environment. Instead, we need to shape a sustainable future together.

We have spent decades working to minimise power consumption by pushing the boundaries of innovation. We are doing everything in our power to protect the planet with innovative technology and open up new possibilities for the future. To build a fully connected, intelligent world, our industry still has a long way to go. We need to keep collaborating and innovating across the global value chain and driving the broader adoption of new technologies. We also need to take sustainability more seriously, contribute more to socioeconomic development, and help build a greener society.

Huawei is committed to open collaboration. We will continue working with our global partners to build out the industry ecosystems that thrive on shared success. Together, we can promote inclusive and sustainable development. As part of these efforts, we need to set goals and take the right steps to reduce our negative impact on the environment and the huge increase in demand for resources. We should use renewable energy more and work and live in a low-carbon and environmentally friendly way to cope with the impacts of climate change.

We cannot go it alone. Achieving the vision of creating technology for a better world – and leaving no one behind in the digital world – is impossible without trusted partners. New partnerships can come about in many ways: we can join existing projects led by others, so our ICT expertise can help make a difference. Organisations can join existing TECH4ALL projects to generate greater synergies and impact. And we can co-create coalitions and new initiatives for environmental protection. Together we can make a difference.

Jason Li is vice president of public affairs & communications department, Western Europe, Huawei Technologies

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