Solving common remote working challenges

Many businesses are facing communication challenges. Getting the basics of home connectivity right is paramount



12 October 2020 | 0

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Remote working​ has well documented benefits including boosts in productivity and retention but like any strategy rolling out remote working requires planning and time. Time is not a luxury afforded to many businesses in light of our global health crisis. Many businesses are facing similar communication challenges as a result. Let’s start with the basics, home connectivity.

Home Internet connectivity​:​ ​Rolling out remote working becomes more complex if staff numbers are high. IP telephony requires an internet connection, but many staffers may lack ethernet ports, or ports may be limited/awkward to reach. Blueface experts recommend getting a cordless deskphone so you can set up a fully wireless, lineless home office. Still having problems? Use your office phone on your mobile device with Soft Clients such as the Blueface Softphone App​.




Teamwork​: Remote working is not for everyone and many have had little time to adapt. Leading unified communications providers can help speed up normalisation with video conferencing, screen sharing, instant messaging, on-net calling, call groups, and mobile soft clients will help your teams stay connected.

Conference Costs​:​ ​Those who thought certain meetings could have been emails may have been surprised over the last few months. For many professionals, meetings have been replaced by conference calls that last even longer. Businesses still using PSTN, premium number conference bridges or third party conference add-ons have been alarmed by skyrocketing costs. Business VoIP conference calling with local number dial-in will dramatically reduce conference calls costs for everyone involved.

Engagement​: Corralling communication sprawl can be challenging in a crisis, particularly with multiple suppliers. Voice calls, IM, voicemail, email and fax (in many sectors) is just a small sample of the tools we use. Blueface was built on a foundation of superlative voice calling and has added IM, screen share, video conferencing, fax, easily managed voicemail and mobile call recording. Engagement during communications migration has never been easier.

Security​: Security is the top concern for IT and phone system managers. When choosing a business phone provider, ensure your provider can safeguard your communications with secure encryption like TLS / SRTP. Your end devices (home deskphones) also require security in the form of secure provisioning, proactive heartbeat monitoring and change audit logging.

Accountability​: Once your remote strategy has been implemented and sites are active, many still worry about staff accountability and engagement. Managers can monitor calling-traffic via data visualisations and receive real-time staff activity insights with click to call, transfer and hang up functions using the Portal’s Console feature.

Unified Communications from Blueface, a Comcast Business Company

Blueface offers an all-in-one, ultra-secure, line and wire free Unified Communications service.

Blueface Unified Communications is designed to mitigate downtime. Instantly roll out enterprise remote working infrastructure with unlimited call and video conferences, cordless hardware and a mobile deskphone. All manageable from the centralised UC Portal. No premises based equipment means the only thing you have to move are your people.

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