Peter Hendrick, NBI

National Broadband Ireland network connects further 15,000 premises

These premises now have guaranteed access to minimum broadband speeds of 500Mb/s
Peter Hendrick, NBI

27 July 2022

More than 15,000 homes, schools, businesses and community facilities are now connected to National Broadband Ireland’s (NBI) high-speed fibre broadband network. NBI is currently rolling out the new high-speed fibre broadband network under the government’s National Broadband Plan.

These premises now have guaranteed access to minimum broadband speeds of 500Mb/s. A further 70,700 premises are now in a position to place an order or pre-order for service with one of the providers that are registered on the NBI network. NBI projects that this figure will increase to 128,000 premises by the end of 2022.

NBI’s most recent progress update shows strong momentum in the roll-out across all 26 counties, with take-up rates of over 30% already in deployment areas which have been live for a period of six months or more.




Peter Hendrick, CEO of NBI (pictured), said: “Fifteen thousand connections is a significant milestone for the roll-out and one that we’re continuing to build upon, as our ability to move premises from the construction phase to the order phase ramps up. Our early take-up levels have exceeded our expectations and are growing all the time, so we anticipate very strong future demand from customers nationwide.”

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