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1 April 2005 | 0

The servers, which is based on the AS/400 platform, are being installed at Musgraves’ Cork head office and are being used to as a hub to run the company’s distribution network, which comprises more than 500 independently owned stores throughout Ireland. 

Initially, the servers are being used to run an application from Worldwide Chain Stores, which handles the distribution of goods from Musgrave’s wholesale locations to franchise stores around Ireland.

Musgrave purchased two servers in order to have full redundancy. Each system mirrors the other and is kept at separate locations. Initially the servers are being used to run the distribution software only, but Musgrave intends to move other applications on to the iSeries in future. 




The mission-critical systems are designed to keep Musgraves’ distribution centres running around the clock, as any downtime would result in the loss of supplies to stores, with a resulting effect on revenues. 

One of the reasons cited for choosing the IBM systems was their ability to scale — Musgrave has been expanding over the past number of years and the company needed assurances that the hardware it chose would be sufficiently powerful to handle further future growth.

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