Danger Tree brings new dimension to World War I history

The Danger Tree
Image: Titanic Belfast



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1 August 2018 | 0

A major interactive exhibition making use of augmented reality to show how soldiers fought and died in World War I has opened at Titanic Belfast.

The Danger Tree, is set in an exhibition space of wrecked buildings where visitors watch and listen as paintings are transformed into 3D images with audio naration through the use of hand-held devices and earphones.

Each painting,  named after the tree used as a rallying point by soldiers of the Newfoundland Regiment on the first day of the Somme, tells the story from the point of view of a different soldier.

Scarlett Raven, co-creator of The Danger Tree, said: “The exhibition delivers that same impact, allowing visitors to unlock an exciting and new creative journey using a smartphone app that encompasses multiple layers of art, poetry, animation and music in a first for the island of Ireland.”

Co-creator Marc Marot said: “Augmented reality is an outstanding way to inform, engage and entertain and we’re excited to be a part of bringing this trailblazing experience to a new generation of visitors.”

Launched in London in July 2016, The Danger Tree has toured to Liverpool’s Martin Luther King Jnr Building at Albert Dock and the Manchester Central Library.

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