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13 November 2017 | 0

Analog Devices International is hosting a two-day assisted living hackathon at Thomond Park in Limerick.

Some 60 young people from across Analog’s national and international sites been split into 10 teams of six and tasked with developing proposals that could enhance the independence and quality of life of people living within the community.

To give a full understanding of the issues and challenges faced by the elderly, sick or disabled wanting to live independently, the hackers attended briefings by Michael O’Shea, Centre Director for Applied Research for Connected Health (ARCH) and Colette Ryan, general manager, CareBright. They also heard from the sister of a Special Olympics Athlete who is now living independently after many years in care.

Colette Ryan, CareBright, said: “From our experience, people prefer to stay at home and maintain their independence for as long as possible. So, caregivers and health professionals are looking for creative solutions to the familiar challenges of ensuring their safety and quality of life.

“There are many examples that technology can help users gain more independence in their daily lives, regardless of illness or physical, mental, or social disability but it can be expensive and inaccessible for many. As our population ages and we are living longer, more needs to be done and faster. We’re delighted to collaborate with Analog on this event and hope our input inspires solutions for future generations.”

Colin Lyden, fellow, Analog Devices, said: “ADI technology is being used by our customers around the world to solve some of the toughest engineering challenges. With this Hackathon we are bringing to life real examples of how our technology and our people can make a significant difference to a national concern. It’s a brilliant learning environment and an eye-opener for our employees.

“Assisted living is a fertile area in terms of innovation and how ADI technology can help, so we are very excited about the fresh and forward-thinking ideas that the teams will propose.”

On Tuesday afternoon, each team will pitch their idea to the judges.

Analog will then examine the feasibility of developing the winning concept into a solution for actual deployment by a relevant organisation.

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