Wisetek calls on companies to cut down on e-waste


OEMs already on board with circular economy effort



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22 August 2019 | 0

Wisetek has called on Irish businesses to minimise waste and preserve natural resources by embracing the circular economy.

The IT asset disposal, re-use and manufacturing service provider have processed 100,00 tonnes of materials to date.

“Globally, we unfortunately see electronic companies that still employ the traditional model of the linear economy, operating a ‘take, make, dispose’ model of production, leading to a significant drain on natural resources,” said Sean Sheehan, CEO of Wisetek.




“With increasing demand fuelling the growth of the electronics industry, the circular economy has to be top of our agenda from a design, reuse and protection of our environment perspective. Ireland, as well as our global counterparts, must embrace the circular economy or suffer the consequences of damaging the environment”.

Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and data centre sectors have embraced the principles of the circular economy. Now the rest of the electronics industry must follow, the company said.

The world produces 50 million tonnes of e-waste annually. Of that, just 20% is formally recycled. By 2050, it is expected that this figure will more than double; rising to 120 million tonnes each year.

Wisetek expects to see more growth in the space and sees Brexit as both a challenge and an opportunity. “We are the only English-speaking country left in the EU and companies are looking for a complete solution to manage their used IT hardware in the region,” said Sheehan. “There is a concern that Brexit will create a boundary restricting the movement of used IT equipment from the UK.”

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