US companies to use VR therapy for chronic pain management

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NeuPath will integrate Cynergi’s VR programme with its remote pain management platform



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24 August 2021 | 0

NeuPath has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Cynergi to assess the efficacy of the company’s virtual reality (VR) program for chronic pain management.

“Chronic pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Studies estimate the cost of this lost productivity to be in excess of $300 billion per year in the US alone,” said Harbir Singh, Cynergi CEO.

Singh added: “Collaborating with NeuPath and building a holistic chronic pain targeted treatment programme provides an outstanding opportunity to work with employers and other payers to improve patient quality of life while also reducing disability-related costs as well as other direct health care costs.”




Per the new deal, Cynergi’s Rilaxta VRx will be used alongside NeuPath’s remote pain management and virtual care platform across Canada and the US.

Adding VR software to traditional interventions can provide extensive benefits in behavioural pain management.

Cynergi’s proprietary virtual reality tools pair soothing images and sound with proven psychological techniques to reduce anxiety and panic. Developed by Harvard psychiatrist Arshya Vahabzadeh, Cynergi’s VR programme also includes guided therapy for benzodiazepine, alcohol, and opioid addiction.

NeuPath’s centers for pain management provide multimodal treatments for patients with chronic pain. Together, Cynergi and NeuPath aim to offer customised VR treatment plans for psychological and behavioural pain.

Earlier this month, NeuPath acquired virtual care platform KumoCare. Designed to reduce wait times, KumoCare enables secure video chat with medical practitioners.

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