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3 May 2016


Semcon motor

Electric bikes provide a welcome push up steep hills and are becoming increasingly popular. However, electric bicycles are expensive and conversion kits often both tricky to install and costly. To solve this, technology company Semcon has developed a smart and inexpensive engine prototype that can be easily fitted to any bike.

As an alternative to travelling by car, cycling is beneficial for personal health and the environment, and helps reduce congestion. To encourage more people to cycle, Semcon engineers designed an electrical engine that costs less than €100 to assemble and can easily be transferred between bikes.

The engine contains a small computer on which the software controlling it runs, making it possible for Semcon developers to develop different apps in future. This could include, for example, different modes, prioritising speed or reach, or other applications such as theft-control or tracking.

Unfortunately it’s still in the development phase but who knows, maybe this is what the future of pedal power looks like.


Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro

Lenovo is claiming a total of a host of industry firsts with its new flagship smartphone, the ZUK Z2 Pro. The handset integrates 10 sensors; supports heart rate, blood oxygen and UV detection; adopts a true 3D glass body; enables photographing with heartbeats; supports unlocking with wet fingerprints; boasts the fastest worldwide networking searching speed; supports iCloud synchronisation; and supports network-free purchase of overseas roaming services.

Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro

The ZUK Z2 Pro boasts the newest generation of Samsung 5.2″ 1080P full HD Super AMOLED screen. Notably, the Z2 Pro is designed with a 0.05mm-thick black border and total frame width of 1.41mm, which sets the new record for the industry.

It is also one of the world’s first batch of F1.8 high-aperture, 1.34μm high-pixel, dual IS mobile phones, supports PDAF+CAF dual-mode focus, with superior effects in high-speed focusing, night shooting and sports shooting. It supports 4K video shooting, and realises 960fps ultra-high-speed shooting in mobile phone for the first time.

The Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro has a premium and flagship version, with memory capacities of 128Gb and 64Gb respectively, with colour options of titanium black and porcelain white. The premium version is equipped with 6Gb RAM and 128Gb storage and the flagship version is equipped with 4Gb RAM and 64Gb storage.


BackboneThis successful Kickstarter product has wants to give you better posture without the need for an arduous fitness regime. Basically this combination of a sensor worn across your back and a mobile app that reminds you to straighten up when you slouch.

The app gives you constant feedback on your body position and what you lapse into a bad position the back support vibrates just enough to get you to correct yourself.

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