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Businesses advised to rethink cybersecurity as remote working moves from temporary solution to long-term practice



28 October 2020 | 0

In association with Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies Ireland today provided some tips to help Irish businesses protect their employees from cybersecurity risks as it marks Security Awareness Month taking place across the month of October.

Since the beginning of 2020, the volume of cyber-crime and cyber-attacks became significantly more prevalent in Ireland, while the rate of phishing attacks skyrocketed by over 600% in Europe. With the ever-growing number of employees once again working from home and accessing a range of different devices remotely, the level of risk is set to increase.




SMEs are particularly vulnerable due to the increased risk of phishing attacks and a comparative lack of cyber training and awareness. Their security systems have been built around the notion of people working together in the same building, using the same infrastructure. With remote working now here for the long-term, Dell Technologies is advising organisations to refocus and rethink their cybersecurity infrastructure.

Jason Ward, vice-president and managing director, Dell Technologies Ireland, said: “Many business leaders and their employees are entering a prolonged period of remote working. For some it will be permanent. It is clear that many IT security systems are not keeping up with the demands of new ways of working. Without IT staff close at hand to monitor cyber risks, some businesses are now more vulnerable to cyber criminals and cyber-attacks such as phishing. It is vital that businesses are sufficiently protected from cyber-attacks.

“Their first line of defence is their employees. The top tips we are outlining today will hopefully help organisations to bring cyber security to top of their agenda and enable each of us to play our part in strengthening business agility by using technology in a secure way and helping to prevent cyber incidents.”

The tips Dell Technologies is highlighting to enhance cybersecurity this Security Awareness Month are as follows:

Train employees on security topics

Look at remote training options to ensure employees understand why data safety is critical and to better understand common and unexpected scenarios in which data can be compromised when working from home.

Ensure high levels of endpoint security that allow employees to work freely

Businesses should put in place strong endpoint security features which do not hinder employees from doing their job and collaborating virtually with others.

Encrypt data where possible

Companies should seek to encrypt data so that even in the event of an unwarranted data breach, the information accessed cannot be used.

Make sure that patches are executed on time

While many SMEs do not have security specialists, every organisation needs to prioritise the maintenance of its software, as well as prompt patching so that attackers do not exploit new vulnerabilities.

Take an agile approach to cybersecurity

As the cyber threats facing Irish businesses evolve, leaders need to take an agile approach to cybersecurity. This can be achieved by undertaking regular scans and analysis of the emerging vulnerabilities facing different units within a business.

Create a back-up plan

With data one of the most valuable assets within a company, businesses need to have a plan to cope with data recovery.

Invest in infrastructure with built-in security

As the number of tools and systems required to support a remote workforce increases, it’s vital to invest in secure, flexible infrastructure that provides security from edge to core to cloud.

Security Awareness Month aims to raise the level of understanding of cybersecurity threats among organisations and protect themselves online through education and sharing of best practice.

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