Sony’s smaller PlayStation 4 Slim to launch on 15 September

PlayStation 4 Slim
PlayStation 4 Slim



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8 September 2016 | 0

Sony has finally confirmed the existence of the PlayStation 4 slim and a release date: 15 September.

The Japanese electronics giant has been leaking details of the new console since late August. First came the whispers of a smaller PlayStation 4. Then came the images, later confirmed to be real by Eurogamer. Then, via LetsPlayVideoGames, came a review. A review of an unannounced console.

Keep in mind this is just the PlayStation 4’s innards in a slightly smaller box. Unlike Microsoft’s new Xbox One S, the PlayStation 4 Slim doesn’t add 4K support for media playback. You’ll have to wait until the also-announced PlayStation 4 Pro for that.

Nope, this is a bog-standard PlayStation 4 in a squared-off chassis. The most notable feature beyond the smaller size is easy hard-drive replacement, with drives held in place by a single screw and a toolless rear panel, as revealed in the earlier PS4 review on LetsPlayVideoGames. Finally, the power and eject buttons have been labelled.

On the plus side, the PS4 Slim and the original console will both support HDR TVs thanks to a firmware update to come.

The aforementioned PlayStation 4 Pro is set for a 10 November release with vastly improved hardware inside and support for 4K displays. The Pro will run the same PlayStation 4 games as the Slim, but with faster frame rates, higher resolutions, and more graphical bells and whistles.

The PlayStation 4 Slim will be priced at $299 in the US with the Pro expected to come in at $399.

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