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Online facility to help academics focus on impact and public good
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20 September 2021

Cúram, the SFI Research Centre for Medical Devices based at NUI Galway, has launched a website and online toolkit to support researchers in developing a more holistic view of the impact of their work.

The site, piimpact.com, was designed to help both experienced and early-career academics gain a better awareness of how the work will benefit the public and what difference it has the potential to make. 

Developed on the back of the Principal Investigator Impact project, the site highlights the need for increased support structures to enable researchers to work more effectively and efficiently towards impact, while taking on ever-increasing responsibilities.




Dr Brendan Dolan, lead postdoctoral researcher on the principal investigator impact project, said: “We wanted to identify the strategies and approaches of our individual scientists, and PIs in particular, to enhance the impact potential of their work, including how they engage and collaborate with various stakeholders who could benefit from the research undertaken.

“Our aim is to use these findings to inform and assist new principal investigators taking on this role by providing practical learning tools and resources for learning and professional development training.”

“At Cúram, we are focused on designing the next generation of ‘smart’ medical devices,” said Prof Abhay Pandit, scientific director of Cúram. “We want to provide our researchers with extensive pathways or routes to impact, through the productive and focused industry, clinician and public engagement and collaboration.

“This website and toolkit offer a fantastic opportunity to begin to prepare for and plan one’s journey as a successful personal investigator and plan for impact. Moreover, the toolkit offers a novel approach to planning for impact, wherein one can plan one’s collaborations to maximise impact.”

A white paper on preparing medical device scientists for the PI role and impact, developed by the Principal Investigator Impact project is available via piimpact.com

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