Securing the hybrid future without losing usability

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18 April 2016

The now rapidly growing rate of cloud adoption has thrown up many curious things. One such fact is that rather than supplant traditional on-premises, cloud will likely live alongside the latter for quite some time, as organisations divest into the cloud what is most suited to it, and keep what is not. Each organisation then achieves an equilibrium of sorts that is as individual as that organisation. But what cloud has also thrown up is the fact that new hybrid environments are not as simple as a pure private plus public cloud arrangement, in actual fact, there are many more issues that come into play, such as legacy on-premises systems, software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and more.

In these potentially complex environments, while the same rules of risk analysis and mitigation apply, the language and the tools by which they are dealt with can be very different.

Many organisations are finding that their suite of identity management, data management and indeed security tools are either not up to the task, or are bettered by the cloud options. This leaves organisations in the unenviable task of trying to evaluate options from all sides, while applying them to what can be a more complex landscape than first anticipated.

Ensuring that security is delivered while maintaining the flexibility and elasticity of the cloud, without increasing the complexity of security management is a multifaceted problem with which many organisations struggle.

To explore these challenges, TechFire, in association with Trend Micro and Arrow ECS will hear from experts across the field, including independent security expert Brian Honan, as well as techncial experts from VMware and TrendMicro on how the cloud can be leveraged in whatever way suits your organisation, but properly secured for users, data and devices.

Mark Graham, CTO, Beaumont Hospital will describe the hospital’s experience of using cloud resources, but within the criteria of its duty to protect patient data.

With real world experiences, independent insights and expert information, this event will tackle the real issues for securing the cloud without locking it down into inflexibility.

The 20 April event at the Gibson Hotel Dublin, 07:30-10:30, is free but registration is required.

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