Rittal accessory configuration design tool eliminates errors

Rittal Configuration System (RiCS)

RiCS can reduce the time to choose, configure and purchase a compact enclosure by up to 95%



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29 April 2020 | 0

Rittal has unveiled a new design tool for error-free accessory configurations of small and compact enclosures – the Rittal Configuration System (RiCS). 

According to a statement from the company, using RiCS can reduce the time to choose, configure and purchase a compact enclosure by up to 95%.

The company claims the benefits of RiCs include:



  • Time-saving configuration and planning
  • Error-free selection of accessories
  • Easy planning of the machining
  • Automatic generation of manufacturing documents/data

Further, customers can transfer data from the Configurator to the EPLAN Pro Panel.  This creates a 3D electromechanical design of the enclosure and comprehensive production documentation for the workshop, which both speeds up installation and improves the quality of the final enclosure.

Configuring a small enclosure

Once an enclosure has been chosen, users can browse through a pre-loaded online catalogue of accessories. While RiCs contains more than 250 accessories, the system only presents users with components suitable for their cabinet. Once chosen, each accessory can be positioned within an online 3D model of the enclosure. 

Additionally, RiCs can enable users to mark-out the positions of cut-outs and drill holes for later individual machining of the product. This built-in capability removes the need to switch to alternative CAD programmes during the planning of the enclosure.

Once an enclosure has been fully configured, the system provides a downloadable CAD file that can either be loaded straight into a Rittal Perforex machine (for tailored machining on-site) or the machining can be done by Rittal prior to shipping. In each case, the machining is tailored to the millimetre to ensure absolute precision throughout every step of the process.

The RiCs configuration process:

  1. Select a System, choose either a single enclosure or enclosure suites
  2. Configure the Enclosure/s, and quickly pick/select accessories
  3. Modifying the Enclosures, by planning cut-outs and hole drilling
  4. Automatically Create a CAD file, representing probably one of the biggest time savings during planning for downloading straight into a Perforex Machining Centre
  5. Submit an Enquiry/Order Online, send an enquiry by e-mail or order directly from the Rittal online shop

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