Geoffrey Allen and Dermot Condron of Mersus Technologies

Mersus Technologies wins award for virtual reality innovation

The Athlone company’s Avatar Academy platform impresses
Geoffrey Allen and Dermot Condron of Mersus Technologies

5 December 2023

Mersus Technologies topped the virtual reality category at the European Technology Awards on 1 December at the Ritz Hotel in Paris.

The Athlone-based company was founded in 2018 by Geoffrey Allen and Dermot Condron and has since established itself in the immersive technology space. 

Last month Mersus won best tech family business at the Irish Family Business Awards. In 2022, the team won the best training & development programme award at the Annual Irish Research, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Awards and best emerging technology at the Irish Times Innovation Awards.

The focus of Mersus’ attention is the avatar academy, a virtual learning experience platform that combines advanced virtual reality technologies with data analytics. 

“Awards like this are important within the industry, to be recognised by your peers is a significant milestone. In such a global industry for it to happen on a European level is even more encouraging,” said Allen.

Dermot Condron, chief technology officer, Mersus Technologies, said: “Skills training is in high demand, with many companies struggling to fill positions in ever-expanding operations. The strong demand for talent is driving competition, and transitioning new operators onto production lines faster is an attractive proposition for these companies. We’ve tirelessly developed virtual reality solutions, culminating in our revolutionary Avatar Academy. This platform simplifies VR media creation, addressing the two key adoption barriers: time and cost.”

Antonio Queijeiro, director, European Technology Awards, said: “Mersus Technologies has managed to transcend the boundaries of imagination, blending creativity with technology in an exceptional manner. This immersive experience redefines our perception of reality, highlighting the potentially transformative impact of virtual reality in the field of training and development.”

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