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As transformation pace quickens, leadership becomes critical



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19 December 2018 | 0


As digital transformation drives corporate agendas around the world, the need for leadership skills to properly steer rapidly changing organisations has never been more urgent.

A McKinsey report found that executives ranked leadership development among their top current and future human capital priorities. Furthermore, almost two thirds of executives surveyed said that it was their number one concern. Though mainly a US research, a study by a UK management school, Ashridge, found that only 7% of senior managers think their companies develop global leaders effectively. McKinsey also reports that 30% of US companies admit they have failed to exploit international business opportunities due to a lack of leaders with the right capabilities.

However, there are some issues for leadership training too. McKinsey has said that many leadership programmes can lack context for individuals and circumstance. It cites examples where leaders pushed through strategies that were bold and innovative in growing markets, but when contraction came, were insufficient to meet market demands.

It says the best programmes tailor explicitly for each participant, with paths that identify current capabilities, mapping a path to the desired skillset.

Successful programmes also mix pure instruction with learn by doing opportunities. This balance of reflection and doing, where real work experiences allow participants to apply their knowledge and hone their skills, is an important part of such programmes.

In such environments, says McKinsey, companies should strive to make every major business project a leadership-development opportunity, integrating leadership-development components into the projects.

With these needs in mind, the Irish Computer Society’s leadership development programme provides a highly practical education and networking programme to develop the leadership skills of top-tier IT professionals. Participants are facilitated in learning to effectively implement a blueprint for change in their organisations through more effective leadership techniques.

The programme is aimed at current CIO, CDO, CTO or senior IT executive, or a next generation IT executive. The programme features input from leading industry and academic experts, breakout sessions to discuss issues and post-course Q&A session, giving it a unique character.

The programme runs over one year, beginning with an intensive two-day leadership training session, followed by a seminar day with leading CIOs at the Emerging Leaders Community Forum and culminates at the ICS Leaders Conference.

The next programme commences on 25 January, with subsequent dates in February and May.

For full details and rates for existing member, see the LDP page.


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