IP Telecom integrates 5,000th User with Microsoft Teams

Shena O'Brien
Shena Brien, IP Telecom

IPT for Teams solution creates a virtual ‘in office’ experience



25 June 2021 | 0

In association with IP Telecom

Dublin-based IP Telecom has just integrated it’s 5,000th Irish user with Microsoft Teams – enabling the user to make and receive telephone calls through Microsoft Teams applications on their desktops and mobiles – all through their company’s business phone system.

Unique in Ireland, The IP Telecom solution, IPT for Teams, creates a virtual ‘in office’ experience for business calling – essentially when a call is received by the company phone system, the destination point – desk phone, laptop app and mobile app all ring at the same time.




And if colleagues want to make an outbound call a dial-pad within Microsoft Teams allows users to make that business call via the company’s phone system – so the receiving party sees your company phone number (protecting your privacy) and colleagues can bring their own device allowing them the flexibility to have their business numbers and calling on their own fully segmented device. And because all calling is via a data connection to the company phone system – mobile bills are essentially eliminated.

“Hitting the 5,000th user milestone is a celebration for us here in IP Telecom,” said Shena Brien, CEO (pictured). “The pandemic obviously changed the way we work, but as we prepare for the reopening of the economy and the introduction of hybrid working across the general business world, systems such as IPT for Teams allow for seamless, collaborative customer communication no matter where you are physically located. Having 5,000 users active across the Irish market means that our integration has really been embraced by Irish businesses and has become part of the way that we work now, and into the future.” 

More information on IPT for Teams visit https://www.iptelecom.ie/microsoft-teams-integration-ireland

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