Galway company’s testing solution helps reopen hospitality sector

Complete Laboratory Solutions has developed new swabs and programmes to test for COVID-19
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8 July 2020

Irish medtech company Complete Laboratory Solutions (CLS) has responded to the Covid-19 pandemic by delivering new testing to markets like gyms, restaurants, hotels and bars.

As the hospitality sector reopens, CLS has developed services and programmes that include surface hygiene swabs and special reboot test programmes for hospitality designed to test for the presence of bacteria and Covid-19 in the workplace.

The Galway-based company said the new programmes are scientifically proven and accredited to provide employers with the necessary information to make confident decisions and communicate that their premises comply from a hygiene perspective and is a safe environment.




“We have designed new initiatives to support businesses reopening after lockdown and to assist them in strengthening their employees and customers wellbeing, with a focus on improving their environment and meeting the required industry compliances and hygiene standard regulations and offerings will include COVID testing and surface swabs from mid-July,” said Evelyn O’Toole, CEO, CLS.

“Our CLS Reboot Test Programme has been designed to support industry sectors to re-open for business, assessing their hygiene management and for hospitality in compliance with minimum legal requirements. It covers focus areas such as kitchen and food preparation, personnel hand swabs, Legionella samples, mains water as well as public areas, covering surface areas, doors, and foyers. This programme is suitable for a range of businesses including hospitality, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, and gyms.

O’Toole added that its workplace Hygiene Programme does “a full micro scan of and workplaces including assembly lines, clinics, offices, colleges etc.”

CLS is one of the members of the Irish Medtech Association that has been spotlighted as part of its new #MedtechGoodNews campaign.

“The services being offered by CLS are an example of how Irish Medtech Association members are helping our economy reopen,” said Nessa Fennelly, acting director of the Irish Medtech Association. “They provide businesses with scientific analysis of their facilities hygiene standards and allow them to identify where improvements can be made so that they can strengthen the wellbeing and hygiene standards of their premises to support their employees, customers and residents.”

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