Dr Ann Shortt, Full Health Medical

Flow software platform pre-screens patients for Covid-19

GPs, patients use analytics to manage their Flow from diagnosis to treatment
Dr Ann Shortt, Full Health Medical

21 April 2020

Medtech firm Full Health Medical has developed Flow, a software platform that can reduce GP procedural and administration time by up to 75%.

Flow can interpret an almost A-Z of test results – as well as influencing factors like medical history and lifestyle – in record time. Flow uses data analytics to enable GPs to deliver streamlined medical services to patients. The system uses personalised, evidence-based reports which explain, in easily understandable language, which tests were performed and what actions the patient needs to undertake with minimal clerical input from the GP at the point of care.

Over the past three weeks Flow has been repurposed to help specifically with the Covid-19 pandemic to enable healthcare professionals to complete coronavirus screening before proceeding with assessments for other conditions.




Dr Ann Shortt, emergency medicine consultant, GP and co-founder of Full Health Medical, said: “We’ve accelerated our own telehealth capabilities since the pandemic started and now more than ever Full Health Medical’s comprehensive patient-centric tool kit can bring real and quantifiable benefits to both patients and doctors in primary care.

“While GPs around the country have increased their use of video calls in order to service their patients, the volume of work involved and the challenges brought about by social distancing to every day practice has highlighted an obvious need for a more extensive patient communications tool that goes beyond just video calls.

“We have already had expressions of interest from over 100 GPs and while the new product is free to GPs for April, the ongoing cost is being kept at just €22 per month per physician for the duration of the pandemic”.

“The Irish health system is overburdened and under resourced. Accessing healthcare is difficult and understanding it is even more of a challenge, but some of these challenges can be solved with efficient smart technology.

“We believe that many of healthcare’s issues are rooted in communication, not medicine. Too often, patients leave the surgery with incomplete or poorly understood knowledge. With our system, each patient is given a unique login and password to the GP portal we provide for each practice when the report is ready, they are automatically mailed a link to access

“This new software mitigates against the Covid-19 risk. It will also make it much easier for people to understand the medical data presented which increases the likelihood of behavioural change to ultimately, help avoid chronic diseases in the long run.”

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