ECJ rules that employers must track employee hours

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Court demands objective systems be put in place to protect workers' rights



17 June 2019 | 0

A recent ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is set to change the relationship between employers and employees in the tracking of working hours. 

A case was taken by a Spanish Union against a local unit of Deutsche Bank arguing the Bank should be forced to set up a system to record time worked by staff each day.

The Court ruled that without proper records of time worked, it is “excessively difficult… for workers to ensure their rights are complied with. They said EU states must ensure that employers have an “objective, reliable and accessible system” that enables the duration of time worked each day by employees to be recorded.

Managing and recording working hours has never been more important. A good time and attendance solution can automate this process and make sure organisations are 100% compliant.

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