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€4.2m project launched to boost marine energy industry in Ireland and Wales

Project will establish a cross-border network of marine energy developers

2 October 2019

The Irish government and the SFI’s marine and renewable energy research centre, MaREI, have launched a €4.2 million project to improve Ireland’s marine energy capabilities.

The project, which is named Selkie, is funded by the EU’s Ireland and Wales co-operation programme. Its partners include Swansea University, Marine Energy Wales, Menter Môn, DP Energy Ireland, and Gavin and Doherty Geosolutions.

In establishing a cross-border network of developers and supply chain companies in Ireland and Wales, Selkie will develop a streamlined commercialisation pathway for the marine energy industry.




It will also trial multi-use technology tools and models on pilot projects before sharing them across the sector. Plus, it plans to make use of expertise from academics and industry across both nations to combat potential challenges.

Additionally, Selkie should strengthen the marine energy industry’s ability to push down costs and boost competitiveness.

“Ireland’s Climate Action Plan published earlier this year sets out the necessary policy measures to ensure Ireland meets it’s 2030 targets, putting us on a clear pathway to achieving net zero emissions by 2050,” said Minister for Communications, Climate Action & Environment in Ireland, Richard Bruton.

“Cutting our reliance on fossil fuel and transitioning to renewable energy is a key part of the Plan. By 2030, 70% of Ireland’s electricity will be generated from renewable sources.  

“Both Ireland and Wales have large wave and tidal resources, which have the potential to contribute significantly to this transition. I am pleased to support the Selkie Project under the Ireland-Wales cross-border programme with the ultimate aim of facilitating Irish and Welsh SMEs within the sector to progress along the pathway to commercialisation.”

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