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Alan Connor, iplicit
Alan Connor, iplicit

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30 September 2021 | 0

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We are all aware of the concept of cloud but why have more companies not moved their business systems to the Cloud already?

The most apt comparison is to consider the growth of the electric car. Early electric cars were hybrid, mostly previous technology with an element of electric, without the same benefits as a full electric car. Then came small electric cars with limited mileage and versatility. Yet eventually we begin to herald in fully functional electric vehicles that meet far more of their owner’s needs, creating a far more workable proposition.




Cloud accounting software has followed a similar infancy In the last few years, some vendors initially offered ‘SOSAS’ (so-called software as a service) solutions which were fundamentally server-based solutions claiming to be cloud based solutions: a hybrid/hosted solution but not a full true-cloud solution. Then came several entry-level SAAS (software as a service) solutions which rapidly found a welcome market share. What was missing however was the depth, complexity, functionality, versatility, and cost effectiveness that mid-sized organisations were used to seeing in their server-based solutions.

It was too great a retrograde step in functionality for busy or complex business to step back into smaller, more basic systems just because they wanted to adopt Cloud.  Conversely it was also too great a leap in cost to jump to the far more expensive and cumbersome top tier systems. These factors prevented many mid-sized organisations from embracing the Cloud as the day-to-day operations of their business just couldn’t be realistically fulfilled.

Why iplicit was born

This is where iplicit was created. Having delivered Accounting solutions for over 25 years in Ireland, we know the needs of mid-sized to ERP organisations. We have lived and breathed the complexities and challenges across all industries over those decades through Novel, Dos, Windows, and of course Covid remote working challenges. This experience enabled us to recognise and deliver tailored strengths and benefits that would previously have been unexpected in this mid-range cloud arena.

Accounting software has truly come of age. Our True-Cloud solution is not converted from older software, but is designed as a True-Cloud solution harnessing the benefits of Cloud technology but also being able to deliver an unrivalled level of functionality with machine learning AI, and data visibility throughout.

Our multi-jurisdictional, multi-legal entity, multi-vat regime, multi-tenanted solution is designed to shake up the sector.

If remote working has been challenging, or if you have outgrown your entry-level Cloud software or wish to move from your current Server-based accounting software, now there is a real choice for your business.

Already with a strong foothold in the UK and  a growing customer base in Ireland, we were so very proud to be awarded the mid-market & enterprise accounting software of the year 2020, by Accounting Excellence, we have once again delivered something unique. Designed with the customers own varied complexities and differences in mind, it enables each company to have tailorable bespoke configuration options and workflows ensuring your iplicit solution is seamless and intuitive for your users. It genuinely is a game changer.

Safe, secure, multi-tenanted, hosted in Ireland on Microsoft Azure, with exceptional machine learning AI throughout. Live links to Excel, exceptional reporting, API enablement at its heart, streamlined flexible workflow approvals, unlimited levels of analysis, optional template-driven data entry for users, in a fully scalable versatile environment.

We are used to disrupting the status quo in software. We did exactly the same back in our Dos and Windows days with Exchequer, and now we are proud to be raising the bar for true-cloud accounting for the next generation. Cloud is most certainly the future and now you can make it work the way you need to work and not the other way around.

It is no longer a trade-off between cloud and day to day functionality. It is no longer a step back or a mammoth jump to more expensive cumbersome solutions. True-cloud functionality is now accessible, affordable, and available.

But don’t take our word for it. Visit to see the software for yourself or to talk with a consultant. We would love to talk with you and provide further insight into what we can offer.

Alan Connor is managing director of iplicit Ireland.

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