Angular roadmap embraces security, simplicity

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Upgrade plan features trusted native types, stricter typing for reactive forms, performance profiling tools, and more



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10 September 2020 | 0

A roadmap published for Google’s TypeScript-based Angular Web framework has the platform adding support for native trusted types for security and strict typing for forms.

New features cited in the roadmap are not yet designated for a specific version of Angular but are categorised as either in progress or ‘future’. The capabilities could find their way into the planned Angular 11 release or a different version.

With native trusted types, DOM-based cross-site scripting vulnerabilities are prevented. Plans call for the addition of a trusted types API to help build secure web applications. This capability is listed as being in progress.




Stricter type checking for reactive forms is listed as a future improvement. Stricter type checking will allow developers to catch more issues during development time and enable better text editing and IDE support.

Other plans noted in Angular roadmap include:

The current version of the framework, Angular 10.1, was released one week ago. Development has begun on Angular 11, but the only feature cited so far is a fix pertaining to application-loading and eviction of cached assets.

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