Airfibre offers new end-to-end MPLS connectivity to London

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8 January 2014 | 0

Airfibre has announced the completion of its first private point to point network service between Dublin and the Telehouse North facility in London.

The company can now offer an international MPLS service supporting private VLAN tagging and accommodating extended Ethernet frames. Airfibre said that new service allows Irish businesses to build networks across Airfibre infrastructure as though it were their own, at a fraction of the price that they would expect to pay to legacy international carriers.

By extending its network to Telehouse North, Airfibre has provided direct connectivity to one of Europe’s pre-eminent data centres, which in turn provides comprehensive inter-connects across the globe.

“A 10Mbps Point to Point private circuit between Dublin and London (Telehouse) is priced at €500 per month,” said John Earley, CEO, AirFibre, “The circuit installation including Cisco termination can be completed for just €1200. This is a fraction of the charges normally quoted by traditional Telcos.”

Earley said that services are provided on the basis of a 99.95% Service Level Agreement, with 24×7 support and a four-hour commitment to fix any problems that arise.

The company said that these service levels are achieved through a completely modern infrastructure that does not rely on any legacy elements.

“Airfibre’s network is IP end to end,” said Earley, “and, unlike others, we do not sub-contract third party services over which we have no control. Other smaller ISPs are all too often dependent upon third party operators, which will always be a limiting factor when trying to offer sophisticated network solutions. More importantly, dependance upon legacy operators introduces legacy pricing by default”.

Airfibre also adopts UK BT tail end circuits into its infrastructure through a wholesale arrangement, giving Irish businesses an opportunity to extend private network coverage to virtually anywhere in the UK and at the same time pass the responsibility for managing BT to Airfibre.

Circuits are available from 5Mbps to 1Gbps.

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