AIB reveals spending data celebrating app landmark

Almost every €1 of €5 is spent online versus in store
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19 August 2019

To celebrate one million users of its mobile app, AIB have released anonymised and aggregated data to reveal consumer trends. The data shows what AIB users have spent their money on over the last six months.

It revealed that on average, Irish people spend €91 a month on restaurants and takeaways. Men (€103) spend more than women (€79). Those aged 25-29 (€106) were the biggest spenders of them all in this category. Dubliners came out on top here, with average monthly expenditure of €115. While those from Monaghan spend the least, at €59.

Each month, the average Irish person spends €228 on groceries. Women’s (€249) grocery bills are larger than men’s (€210). Those aged 50-54 pay the most for their foodstuffs (€367), while 19-24-year olds spend the least, at just over €100. County-by-county, people from Wicklow have the greatest grocery bills (€275), and those from Donegal have the smallest, at €186 each month.




Almost every €1 of €5 is spent online versus in store, as individuals spend 22% of their money online, and 78% in store.

It also found that each month, Irish women spend €119 on clothing. This is twice what men spend (€59).

Still, the data on our charitable donations was less than impressive. Clare is the most charitable county in Ireland, with the average person contributing €6.64 per month. Second on the leaderboard was Dublin, with monthly donations of just €4.32.

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