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15 July 2014 | 0

According to a survey of Irish and UK office workers, the workplace of tomorrow could yet be transformed by technologies that are not yet created.

More than 700 respondents across a range of organisations were surveyed by Coleman Parkes Research in May and June, on behalf of Ricoh.

Among the expected developments expected to be widely available within the next 20 years were holographic assistants that could be dispatched to attend meetings (59%), augmented reality glasses (56%) and the ability to perform all tasks by voice recognition (56%).

Some of the more speculative developments were Bluetooth-like brain to brain communications, devices small enough to fit in one’s ear that send multimedia signals directly to the brain and of course ubiquitous drone technology.

However, despite the obvious enthusiasm and optimism characterised by these predictions, less than a third of employees (29%) felt their company has a strong appetite for creating new ways of working and deploying technologies to make the future a reality.

“We carried out this survey because we wanted to know how people want to work and what’s important to them going forward,” said Gary Hopwood, general manager, Ricoh Ireland. “The Irish workforce appears to have a great appetite for new technologies that can improve their productivity and the way they work. Irish organisations that do not act today to build a more digital, agile workplace will struggle to compete in the future. This heightens the need for organisations to review and adapt their ways of working, and putting themselves in the best position to benefit from future digital innovations.”


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