Why privacy protection remains Huawei’s foremost priority

Jervis Su, Aspiegel
Jervis Su, Aspiegel

Privacy and security protection are central to innovative mobile experiences, says Aspiegel's Jervis Su



13 July 2020 | 0

In association with Huawei

As digital transformation and cloud technologies continue to evolve, the world is moving towards a more data-centric and intelligent future. This brings both opportunities and challenges for businesses and consumers.

The ICT industry is undergoing rapid technological transformation, with technologies becoming increasingly complex and networks more open. Against this backdrop, we are aware of the increasing interest and concerns of companies, regulators and the general public regarding cyber security and privacy protection, which we take very seriously. Customers want to get online at anytime and anywhere, as well as efficiently accessing data. Product trustworthiness, network resilience and cyber security are top priorities for Huawei. We are committed to investing in these areas to provide innovative and reliable services to our customers while protecting data security and privacy.




Huawei’s vision is to bring reliable digital services to every home, business and organisation. To support this goal we introduced Huawei Mobile Services, which offers a comprehensive range of services to customers including AppGallery, Mobile Cloud, Music and Video services along with our innovative Huawei Assistant, an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant.

Huawei Mobile Services are managed by Aspiegel Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Huawei Technologies, founded in 2005 in Europe and headquartered in Dublin. Aspiegel Limited is responsible for all our European operations relating to Huawei Mobile Services. As we continue to expand our offering to customers, our Aspiegel team is committed to putting people’s privacy and security as our top priority. We are particularly proud to have recently received several independent certificates recognising these efforts.

Privacy and security certifications recognised by British Standards Institution

Through maintaining long-term close cooperation with the British Standards Institution (BSI) – the international authoritative standards organisation – Aspiegel Limited passed world-renowned ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, ISO/IEC 27701, and Cloud Security International Certification (CSA STAR) certifications. This is the second time that Huawei Mobile Services has received BSI’s privacy and security certification since 2016, meaning that Aspiegel provides services in strict compliance with international information security standards to end users around the world.

Harold Pradal, commercial director of the BSI Group, acknowledged Huawei Mobile Services for its protection of user’s information and privacy: “These certifications demonstrate that Huawei has met the requirements of internationally recognised standards, and that the organisation is committed to ensuring data is well managed, which is crucial in today’s digital world.”

Furthermore, Aspiegel Limited received the European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe) for its Huawei ID service in the European Union and the European Economic Area. Huawei ID is a central service that enables users to log in to other Huawei Mobile Services such as AppGallery, Mobile Cloud, Video, Browser, Assistant etc., as well as third party apps.

The European Privacy Seal embodies a visible trust mark certifying that Huawei Mobile Services has been checked by independent experts and approved by an impartial certification authority, distinguishing it as a trustworthy service. For more details about the European Privacy Seal, please visit https://www.european-privacy-seal.eu/eps-en/aspiegel-huawei-id

Unalterable principles to assure privacy and security

These achievements were only made possible because of the efforts of Aspiegel Limited to enhance the end-to-end experience of users in Europe. Aspiegel is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of its users and has adopted privacy principles to guide its work. Aspiegel firmly believes that privacy and security should be deeply embedded in services according to GDPR, local laws and security standards. Our teams continuously optimise design, R&D, operation and O&M services to build a more complete personal information protection management system, in order to provide consumers with more secure and reliable products and services.

This means for example that users can manage their privacy settings in the applications or via the privacy centre available on Huawei mobile devices. Via the privacy centre, users can also request to receive a copy of their individual data which is processed by Aspiegel. Ultimately, Aspiegel adheres to the principle that privacy is a fundamental right of individuals.

Building a privacy first future

Aspiegel has established a team of privacy and security experts who continuously monitor our services to ensure we are giving our customers the highest standard of protection and adhering to all latest legal standards and privacy guidelines. All our applications are thoroughly checked before being allowed in the AppGallery, which involves a privacy check, security vulnerabilities, malicious behaviour detection and manual real-name security check.

As technology evolves, we remain committed to developing innovative mobile experiences where privacy and security protection are at the core of everything we do.

Jervis Su is CEO of Aspiegel

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