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14 September 2016 | 0

Remaining secure and protected was the chief concern for most (63%), followed by business continuity concerns (47%), and a tie between managing the growing number of connected devices and managing more mobile ways of working (38%), though ensuring compliance (33%) was a very close behind.

“The drivers for companies to avail of managed services are representative of the wider developments in the IT industry,” noted O’Connor. “Companies know that they have to secure themselves against security threats as the news is constantly full of reports of businesses losing sensitive data to cybercriminals. Added to this is the fact that information security is a specialist area which requires a level of expertise that many companies cannot retain in-house.”

“When it comes to ensuring business continuity, organisations are outsourcing due to their concern over the potential risks of a cyberattack. However, it is important to remember that a disaster can be down to human error—simply deleting a critical file by accident. It can be simpler again, such as spilling coffee on a laptop. All of these areas require that the business has a solid end to end business continuity plan in place.”

“In general,” commented O’Connor, “the results highlight that many new technological developments are presenting new challenges which are leading people to outsource. As well as this, the results mirror the trends in the types of conversations that we engage in daily with customers and prospective customers around security, business continuity and mobile working.”

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