SeaGreen wins Trinity’s Final Pitch Event with seaweed packaging alternative

SeaGreen takes home top prize at the Trinity’s STEAM+ICE Final Pitch Event

Winning project was developed by teenagers as part of innovation incubator



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13 August 2019 | 0

SeaGreen, a bio-plastic packaging alternative, has taken home the top prize at the Trinity College Dublin’s STEAM+ICE Final Pitch Event.

Gabrielle Corballis (16), Katie Benson (15), Adam Doyle (15) and Rhianna Meagher (15) designed the eco-friendly seaweed packaging solution to combat plastic waste pollution in oceans and landfills.

Forty teenagers took part in the week-long innovation incubator. They developed projects tackling local and global issues and learned STEAM (science, technology, arts, engineering and maths) and ICE (innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship) skills through a series of workshops.




At the end of the week, the teens pitched and presented their projects to an audience of experts, peers and judges.

“STEAM+ICE is a unique programme which represents a leading example of Ireland’s emerging STEM educational future. Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit should be fostered in students from a young age,” said Gavan Drohan, head of entrepreneurship at Trinity College Dublin. “Ireland’s continued achievement in science, technology, and the arts is bolstered through support for programmes like this.”

The eight other final projects were:

  • Touch & Go: A biometric scanner that will read your fingerprint at train stations and on busses, replacing the need for a Leap Card;
  • Ace App: An app specifically aimed at teens and students to help stop procrastinating and increase studying by blocking notifications and offering awards;
  • SmartHelp: In app software to help elderly people be more tech savvy using voice activation education;
  • ReConnect: Helping people to overcome shyness and social anxiety with a social skills improvement app;
  • MoneyTor: An app which monitors teenagers spending habits to improve budgeting and predict saving goals;
  • Text-Book: An educational consultancy firm that will help struggling or failing schools by reviewing budgets and teachers to improve student and parent satisfaction;
  • ATIBON: Improve public speaking with courses and minigames designed to improve volume and clarity of speech;
  • Neo: Custom tablet software for the classroom with home to school communication capabilities.

STEAM+ICE is run by Trinity Walton Club, Fighting Words, and Tangent and is funded by the Higher Education Authority.

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