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16 November 2012 | 0

An independent report on the gaming industry in Ireland has just been amide available to the public. Conducted by Jamie McCormick of and released as part of Dublin Games Week, the report gives a conservative estimate of the size, scale, distribution and make-up of digital gaming companies operating on the island of Ireland, as well as an estimation of the size of the Irish consumer games market.

Conducted through two surveys in March and October 2012, the survey identifies the number of games companies in counties around Ireland, regional jobs numbers, county company numbers, and outlines the types of jobs currently available in the Irish Digital Gaming Industry. It also outlines the split between indigenous and international companies operating within the industry in Ireland.

According to the study, there are at least 2,802 people working across 83 games companies in the industry as of October 2012. The total number of jobs was up 91%, and game developers showed a marked increase of 292% since the 2009 report on the industry. Despite the influence of major games studios and middleware copmanies like Havok and Demonware, smaller games made up the bulk of development companies, with iOS currently the most popular platform followed by browser games and PC games in second place.




The report also valued the Irish consumer market between 2001 and 2011 at over €2 billion, and the 2011 market value of over €211 million.

The research is discussed in detail on this week’s TechRadio.

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