NetApp’s new storage array for analytics and HPC

EF-Series expanded to help access data faster and speed time to actionable decisions

21 August 2019

NetApp has expanded its EF-Series to include the NetApp EF600 storage array.

The end-to-end mid range array accelerates companies access to data and empowers the development of new insights for performance-sensitive work. Built for high-performance computing workloads, this technology allows organisations to both read and write throughput and accelerate write IOPS.

It doubles the performance of all-flash arrays currently available that use the serial-attached SCSI (SAS) protocol, according to the company. It delivers 2 million sustained IOPS, response times under 100 microseconds, and 44GB per second of throughput.




The storage industries transition from SAS to NVMe protocol has significantly increased the speed data can be accessed. Yet, “conventional storage systems do not fully exploit NVMe performance, because of latencies imposed by their main controllers,” said Tim Stammers, senior analyst, 451 Research. “NetApp’s E-Series systems were designed to address this architectural issue and are already used widely in performance-sensitive applications.”

“The EF600 sets a new level of performance for the E-Series by introducing end-to-end support for NVMe and should be considered by IT organisations looking for high-speed storage to serve analytics and other data-intensive applications.”

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