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1 April 2005 | 0

Now you too can watch video and listen to music on the move with the Archos Video AV300 series. In just one device, you can have an MP3 player/recorder, a digital camera or camcorder, and a high-capacity hard drive for data backup and portability. The device also features a 3.8 inch LCD screen and offers a full video recording function, with playback on-screen or through TV-Out with near-DVD quality. Video legally downloaded from the Internet, video files dragged and dropped into place through a USB 2.0 connection from the PC, and with the enclosed DVR (Digital Video Recorder) module, live or recorded TV programs can all be played back on the device.

The screen can also be used to display an icon-based control panel, so managing and moving files is easy. With up to 40Gbyte of storage space, the AV300 series can hold any combination of data files, up to 50 movies, thousands of music tracks or digital photos.

Stereo headphones are also included with the package, and voice and vocals over music tracks can be recorded using a stereo microphone. An AV cinch cable is enclosed with the device for music transfer, along with MusicMatch software to allow the user convert CD music to MP3 files. The AV300 series comes with ready-installed Li-Ion batteries, and an AC adaptor for recharging and external power. A full charge provides up to seven hours of MP3 playback, or four hours of video. The Archos AV300 series is both PC and Mac-compatible. The Archos AV300 retails for EUR782.05




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