Michele Neylon, Blacknight

Irish website owners choose .ie over .com domains

Blacknight leads strong growth in .ie domain space
Michele Neylon, Blacknight

31 January 2020

For the first time, .ie has overtaken .com as the preferred domain for Irish businesses and consumers. Now, .ie domains account for 50% of all hosted domains in Ireland, while .com has dropped to 33%.

Data from the IE Domain Registry Profile Report indicates that .ie is becoming the domain of choice for both Irish businesses and those doing business in Ireland.

New registrations for .ie domains have flourished since the liberalisations of registrations in 2018. Now anyone with an Irish connection can easily register their domain with a registrar.




The report also found that Blacknight, the largest Irish domain registrar, accounts for the largest share of new .ie registrations.

“This gels with our own internal data”, said Michele Neylon, CEO of Blacknight. “Irish customers now prefer .ie over .com and it’s no longer a difficult sell. For years, the focus was always on .com, but now .ie is holding its own against the other major domain names thanks to IEDR’s liberalisation in 2018. Using a .ie domain makes you identifiably Irish to Ireland’s consumers.”

“As the UK exits the EU, we expect more UK companies to secure their .ie domains,” continued Neylon, “and keep hosting their Irish customer data within the EU as they have to continue to comply with GDPR and other EU data privacy regulations in order to do business with their Irish customers. .ie means trust.”

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