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21 January 2015 | 0

We have all been there, on the road when you suddenly realise that your phone, tablet, phablet or whatever smart connected device (SCD) arsenal you currently wield, starts warning of low battery.

While many now have ‘get you home’ battery modes, they limit capability and often when one needs it most.

There are clever battery packs out there that will give you a little top-up that might get you through, but if you need more than a small extension, you need something more.

Schneider Electric through its APC brand has solved this very problem with 5000mAh and 10000mAh Mobile battery packs.

The size of a small mobile phone (14.4 x 64.4 x 107.5mm), the battery pack has two full USB connectors that allow it to charge two devices at once — a smart phone and a tablet. Or, you could charge your smart phone twice, or … well, you get the picture.

There is a handy indicator on the front to let you know the state of charge, giving an indication of how much an SCD can be charged based on that state.

The device itself can charge from a mobile charger too, or from a USB port on a PC or laptop on mains power, its input being 5V, 1.5A.

The 5000mAh version has a 100% charge time is 4 hours, and the 10000mAh version takes 8 hours.

The 5000mAh M5BK-EC retails online at €33.




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