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1 April 2005 | 0

Availability of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) broadband technology is growing rapidly throughout the world but Ireland is lagging embarrassingly behind, according to recently released figures.

The European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA) published in August its latest DSL Scorecard which showed that there are now nearly 6m lines in the EU, of which 1m were added in the last quarter. The grand total of lines in Ireland however is a paltry 977. Only Greece, which has yet to deploy DSL technology at all, has fewer.

Also published in August was a report commissioned by DSL Forum, a consortium that promotes DSL, which shows that the total number of lines worldwide is now more than 25m, an increase in 13 per cent over the previous quarter.




Germany has the highest number of DSL lines in the EU with 2.5m. France has nearly 0.7m and Spain has 0.6m. However countries with similarly sized populations to Ireland, such as Finland and Denmark have around 10 times as many lines, with 85,000 and 110,000 respectively. Even Luxembourg, with a population of less than half a million people, has nearly three times as many lines as Ireland with 2670.

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