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19 December 2012 | 0

Avaya has launched its Avaya Connect channel partner programme aimed at helping new Europe, Middle east and Asia partners achieve revenue in as little as 60 days. The programe offers incentives and rewards to drive profitability for both channel partners and Avaya.

The recruit, onboard, authorise, develop and sustain (ROADS) initiative will support channel partners through their lifecycle with Avaya and Avaya’s distribution channel will provide a key role in new partner recruitment, onboarding and authorisation. Distributors will be rewarded for every new partner that achieves key training and revenue milestones within the first 12 months up to a total of $3,000 per partner.

Once authorised to sell, new channel partners will be given ongoing support, including access to the new Avaya Learning Virtual Campus, an avatar-based university campus for partners to share knowledge and gain technical training and accreditation, and access to research materials and marketing resources all aimed at making it easier for partners to expand their Avaya sales portfolio and generate additional revenue.

Initially, Avaya will focus on developing SME, networking and video partners with the goal of bringing 60% of newly recruited partners to revenue within the first year. Key to this initiative is providing new partners with a dedicated distribution partner who is as motivated as they are to help ensure they are ready to sell Avaya products. This targeted approach to developing and sustaining the growth of both new and existing partners will be instrumental in building a comprehensive network of channel partners who are able to sell Avaya’s complete portfolio across Europe, the middle east and Asia.




Avaya’s decision to put distributors at the heart of its go-to-market strategy will deliver numerous partner benefits including improved support and local language capabilities across all geographies. New partners will be able to quickly monetise their investment as an Avaya channel partner as well as delivering an additional revenue stream to participating Avaya distributors.

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