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Hello Brain
The Hello Brain app helps keep the user active and informed about their mental health



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24 September 2014 | 0


For: iOS
Backed by Lotus Notes’ father Ray Ozzie, Talko, is a messaging app that records group phone calls, stores them and makes them searchable so group members can go back and listen to key parts of the call and lets participants shoot and insert photos into the call stream in real time.
Users can set up groups within the app and with a single tap reach out to all the members. The app accesses sensors on participants’ phones to tell how they’re connected to the network, where they are by time zone and whether and how they are on the move – walking or riding in a car.
When members choose not to participate live, they can let the call run and tap into it later to catch up. The call may be indexed with hashtags inserted by those who participated live so listeners of archived versions can skip around and avoid listening to parts they’re not interested in.
Users can text groups and leave brief audio messages that reach other members.
Talko stores 10 days’ worth of calls for free, then notifies users when they’re about to be deleted. They can either let them be erased, download them to their own storage or pay to have them stored in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure clouds for a charge.
The app allows deleting all or parts of calls in order to ensure participants’ privacy, but the default is to record and store all of them.

Hello Brain
For: iOS, Android
The Hello Brain App is part of a larger initiative to make people more aware of their mental health function and provides daily suggestions to stave off cognitive decline.
The campaign invites users to take the Hello Brain Challenge to do one thing every day that’s good for your brain health.
The app has general information about how to stay active across five categories: physical, social, mental, attitude and lifestyle.

For: iOS
The Completely refashioned Culturefox events listings app will help people right around the country discover great arts and culture near them.
New in this iteration are enhanced photography and video capabilities to get a sense of the experience on offer, and a range of new features including sophisticated search, users can personalise Culturefox to their tastes. If they bookmark an upcoming event of interest they will receive a ‘last chance’ reminder e-mail before it ends.
Popular genres from theatre to music, from the visual arts to literature and comedy, as well as museums and other cultural venues are displayed, with special sections for free and family-friendly events.

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