Wellington IT increases automation and digitisation for Bishopstown Credit Union

Raymund O'Connor, Bishopstown Credit Union; Declan Colfer, Wellington IT; Danny O'Donoghue and Philip Hosford, Bishopstown Credit Union
Raymund O'Connor, Bishopstown Credit Union; Declan Colfer, Wellington IT; Danny O'Donoghue and Philip Hosford, Bishopstown Credit Union

Full-service digital banking app will be able to 25,000 members to download



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13 October 2020 | 0

Wellington IT has formed a five-year technology partnership with Bishopstown Credit Union, Co. Cork, to help it automate and digitise its business.

In a bid to improve convenience, Wellington IT’s customer banking app, cuMobile, will be made available to the credit union’s 25,000 members. The system will help Bishopstown Credit Union in its effort to meet the World Council of Credit Unions’ goal to fully digitise by 2025, by providing a full range of online and mobile member services.

Wellington IT’s Scion software is the basis of the solution, which has automation and business intelligence at its core, so that Bishopstown Credit Union can better manage functions such as credit control, lending, operations and membership. Through over 150 pre-built reports, charts and dashboards, its team can make better and faster data driven business decisions. 




Additionally, Wellington IT’s Revolving Credit application will give members fast access to loans while also reducing the administrative burden on staff. This could reduce time taken to process loan applications by as much as 75% and enable the credit union to grow its €30 million loan book.

Danny O’Donoghue, IT Manager of Bishopstown Credit Union said automation will enable 10% of the company’s staff to be freed up to focus on other value creating activities. He added that he expects the solution will pay for itself within 18 months

“The Wellington IT system gives us an edge when it comes to both member services and efficient operations,” said O’Donoghue. “We know that our members want the highest levels of convenience, accessibility and efficiency when it comes to managing their finances. The cuMobile customer banking app will allow us to better serve our members and give us a significant edge when it comes to competing with traditional banks.

“From an operations viewpoint, enhanced automation and the ability to gain a holistic view of our 25,000 customers is essential to enabling us to reduce risk and cut overheads,” he added.  

“We looked at proposals from a number of providers. Wellington IT stood out because its online offering was streets ahead of the competition and its plans for the future development of the application are impressive. We also liked the fact that Wellington IT will host all systems and will take responsibility for managing the hardware. We expect to earn a full return on our investment within just 18 months.”

Wellington IT is the Irish technology partner to the credit union sector. Its IT systems are used by seven of the top ten Irish credit unions.

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