VoiceSage plans $40m Middle East & Africa investment

John J. Kellett, VoiceSage with Zoff Khan, Mobility MEA



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13 November 2017 | 0

VoiceSage is to invest $40 million over the next five years from a new strategic alliance with Mobility MEA, a mobility specialist in the Middle East & Africa region.

The customer engagement specialist – based in Cork and London – develops sotftware than allows companies to communicate with customers on mobile devices through talk, text and touch-based multimedia interfaces.

“Early tests of the market have confirmed what we believed – that there is huge demand for the extremely transformative yet cost-effective customer contact solutions VoiceSage is offering versus traditional call centres,” said Mobility MEA CEO Zoff Khan.

“Our initial volumes of 10,000 multi-channel messages a month quickly grew to over 100,000 in October. We forecast VoiceSage traffic growing to 2 million messages before the end of 2017 as existing customers ramp up and new ones come on board.”

Mobility MEA is also planning the growth of Voicesage sales across further markets through the use of its growing reseller network.

Khan added: “In many ways, we have Enterprise Ireland to thank for making this partnership happen. It was at the GITEX technology week where Enterprise Ireland was exhibiting that we first met the VoiceSage CEO and our partnership has gone from strength to strength ever since.”

VoiceSage CEO James J. Kett said: “This deal highlights the scale of the international opportunity that VoiceSage now has.

“Mobility MEA appreciates exactly what we’re offering, and the potential across a range of routine, high-volume scenarios. We couldn’t have asked for this partnership to get off to a stronger start, and we are looking forward to both building out the potential with Mobility MEA and also with their alliance partners across the globe.”

VoiceSage’s blue chip customers include Argos, Capital One, Thames Water, Express Gifts, AXA Insurance and Shop Direct.

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